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      Margaret asks:

      I need to find a source of parts for making small clappers for my “personal meditation bells”. Right now they are only rung with a striker. I need the screw or nut with a hole or ring to attach inside the top of the bell, and something to hang from that- like a brass ball with a ring on it- any ideas? Many thanks!!!

      Response #1

      From time to time some of our bell sellers in the Bell Sales Room at the convention have sold clappers and parts for small bells. Also, there used to be a bell manufacturer in Ontario which sold small clappers, but they went out of business. I think they grew old and retired. Any way, some of the bell sellers have had the same problem of needing small clappers and sold parts for them at ABA conventions. I bought a bag of them a few years ago and have used several of them on small bells which needed clappers. They were a fishing sinker which was made of copper on the outside, and were filled with lead for weight and had a small hole in the top by which a chain or small rod could be attached. I used a chain on mine. I went to Cabela’s web site and found similar, but not the same items. Tell Margaret to go to Cabelas.com, at the top of their page in the box type in “fishing sinkers” . There will be several pages of them. Have her click on “Ultra Steel 200 Bullet sinkers”. They come in 8 sizes. Also, She may want to look at “Top Brass Kits – sinkers”, and at “Tru Tungsten worm weights” if she wants colors. I have never worked with tungsten so I don’t know if she can solder them.

      Response #2

      Suggestion: Hobby shops usually carry small plastic inserts that have a neck with a small hole already in them, they are easily cemented, with a new strong glue, to the inside top of the bell. They also sell small chain in either gold or silver, and different sized glass beads that will work for the clapper.

      Response #3

      at a hardware store buy an eye with a nut on it. Try a Home depot or Lowe’s, ace hardware etc., you may find the eyes at a craft store too. They come in various sizes, depending on the size of your bell. Go to a sporting goods store and buy lead weights for fishing tackle( make great Clappers). They also come in various sizes and weights, some have a crease in them that you squeeze together to hold them on the line, others have a little ring in them to tie line to. if you don’t like the color of the lead weight use a little nail polish or can buy small jar of acrylic paint and paint them.


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      I believe lead sinkers, even copper plated, would not give a good sound. You might have to get clever. Try going to a good hardware store and buying brass, or steel bolts. It will take a little equipment, you could cut the bolt, drill a hole and fasten a wire to make a clapper. Wouldn’t be the prettiest thing but would work.

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      Bevin Brothers Manufacturing Company in East Hampton, CT was a major manufacturer of handbells, religious bells and horse bells into the 1960s. My grandfather used to get various size cast steel bell clappers from them. I do not know whether they still produce bells, but they would be a good place to start.
      Harry Long, MD

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