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      I have a locomotive bell that I want to sell, but like so many others I have no idea what is worth. I am hoping that some kind souls, here, can shed some much needed light. Photos can be seen here on craig’s list: http://maine.craigslist.org/atq/1451853947.html

      This bell is 17 inches in diameter at the throat, with a 12-inch diameter, two bolt, flat mounted cradle. . It has a horizontal style pneumatic ringer as well as a crank and rocking yoke. The trunnions are free and well lubricated as is the ringer, which operates nicely on about 100 psi.

      Other than the usual casting numbers there are no markings anywhere….inside or out.



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      This is a realtively late railroad bell, but is intact. It is worth about $1000-$1500. If you knew the railroad and the engine and had the engine plate with it, it would be worth much more. This is a beautiful bell and was probably used on a steam locomotive prior to WWII to the early 1950s when steam was replaced by diesel-electric locomotives.
      Harry Long, MD

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