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      dear bell people
      i need your help finding a bell missing from the u.p.michigan
      this bell has been missing for about 47 years- since 1963
      the bell came off a delta county (u.p. michigan ) logging locomotive owned by nahma-northern railroad .
      mr. john hinker gave the bell to the escanaba and menominee high schools to be used as a trophy for thier historic foot ball game.
      the bell mounted on a wooden stand -the upperhanging still intac,
      the bell has engravings on it – hinker bell as well as both schools and thier winning records 1947-1962 worth of scores.(approx.)
      maybe somebody has seen this bell somewhere. or has reconditioned this bell.
      if anyone knows anything at all please let us know you can contact me at 715-547-6249 (tim)

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      Check out Ebay. There is a bell for sale listed under Railroad Presentation Bell Whistle Combo. I don’t know if it is the one you are looking for.


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      thanks for the repley! the bell on ebay was not the bell. thanks for bringing it to my attention though.
      the bell we are looking for is a steam locomotive bell weighs about 110lbs.
      so quite large. happy you guys are looking . this bell was mounted on a wooden stand to look like a trophy. it would have engravings on it that reflect the winning foot ball team and year. (1940s-1960s) escanaba and marinette. also john hinkers name would be engraved on it. it was called the hinker bell trophy. if someone sees or seen this bell call me- 715-547-6249 thanks tim

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      If you can find any old picture of the bell, post it here. It will stick in people’s minds a lot better.

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      thanks , i will post a piture soon, have to figure out how to do it.

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      we will have to wait on the piture, i dont know how to do it? i will have to wait for help,

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      If you go to https://www.americanbell.org/belltalk/viewtopic.php?t=290, you will find the directions for posting a picture. If you also look at the thread called “This is a test” under general bell topics, you will find a description of my first attempt at posting a picture. I followed the directions step by step. The only unexpected part was when I got to the copy and paste part, I was surprised to see words appear, not a picture. To my surprise, when I clicked on submit, the picture magically appeared.

      If you need more help, click on “Contact the ABA” link under the word “Talk” in “Bell Talk.” Good luck!

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      searching for the hinker bell !
      hello , the last 5 years I became very busy with work, I dindnt have the time to continue research on the bell and what may have happened to it. Although I have always had this bell on my mind. I am back home now and will pick up where i left off. I relocated to the farm in the Upper P. so my new # is 906 884 4449. I found a bell that is exactly like the Hinker Bell. Although there is no engravings on it.
      I will be making some road trips this summer – I will keep you all up -dated.

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      Willie B. Herd

      I admire your determination!!! Good Luck! 🙂

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