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      I was wondering if anyone could id this bell for me. I have searched the internet off and on for a year now and nothing. There is letters on it “FE”[img]

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      Is there any chance of some more detailed photos? Closer of the bell outside, bell inside and bell attachment points.
      What is it made of? (i.e. does it hold a strong magnet? = iron)
      Size? (height, handle, diameter of skirt)

      It all helps.

      With the disclaimer that all I see is a very small photo when it shows up on my screen (bell is about 1.5 cm high) it looks very much like a reproduction Mexican bell.

      If it’s this kind of bell, then here’s a bit of data on it.
      I bought a couple myself to have on hand as samples, but basically these types of bells were/are mass produced in Mexico for the tourist market and mostly sold as mission bells. They are generally of very sloppy manufacture (designs are not crisp, slag still exists where the metal squeezed out between the mold halves, that kind of thing), then buried in the ground under a fire pit or some such so that leaching would ‘age’ them quickly. Back in the early to mid 1900’s many were mostly sold to the unsuspecting as genuine, however it’s unlikely to be original. Remember that there simply were not that many missions as there are bells for them! Further, during the various wars that occurred, most that did exist were either hidden and forgotten (hider’s died) or were melted down to make shells and cannon. Very few (relatively) still exist. They come in various sizes and handle types. Mexico protects their heritage more now, so likely wouldn’t let a real bell out of country any more.

      You will probably find the initials stand for a specific mission that the bell is meant to be from, if you do some searching. 😀

      A search on this site for Mission bells will pull up more info for you, if you wish.

      Hope this helps you!

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