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      I have a Liberty Car Bell that has seen better days but to find something like this in Australia is quite rare. I have an original letter and brochure from the Liberty bell company that made these and in 1919 these were selling for $12 dollars. I intend to restore it to its former glory and will post a before and after shot once it is completed.

      I know here in Australia that this bell is a rare find but are they still common in the United States? Any information would be appreciated.


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      We just found two of these bells at a garage sale in, of all places, Cleveland, Ohio. Is there any way that you could send us a copy of your original paperwork? We only have the bells, nothing else. We are hoping to restore them like you are. Can anyone help us find parts? My cousin is knows a lot about cars, and believes that these were sold to commemorate the US victory in WWI. What have you learned about their history? Thanks!

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