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      We recently purchased an automobile hood ornament (I will attach photos in the near future). It is marked Liberty Bell, pat Dec 1. I wanted to know if anyone could give me any information as to the history and manufacturer. We would like to restore it but wanted to have the lettering re-imprinted before having the surface re-plated. We can see the brass showing through but was it nickel or nickel-chrome, or just chrome? We are also wondering if it came with a box, brochure, instructions, wire, switch – the items needed to install it in the auto of the time. I’ve seen information where they are from the 1900’s but we can’t read any other markings. Ours has the carriage style lamp at the top with 3 red glass discs to shine a red light also if switch is engaged. We have seen a photo where it was on a fire engine. Someone here posted a brochure, which is what led us to this area as the experts. Any information would be appreciated.
      Thank you,

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