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      Hello…I’ve aquired a J.L. Haven & Co. No.3 Steel Composition Bell. It’s 19 & 1/2 inches, has the clapper, yoke and rope handle. It sits on a welded metal stand so it can be rung. It has a small superficial surface crack, does not go all the way through. Other than that, it’s in great condition. I’ve researched the company and have learned that they only made b.ells for a short period of time and that it’s unusual for raised lettering to be on a steel bell, usually found on the yoke. However, I cannot find anything on J.L Haven bells…especially large ones. I am wanting to sell this bell,so if anyone could please help me out on the possible worth, I would greatly appreciate it. I am attaching photos. Thanx so much

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      Trying to upload pics, thought this may work??

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      O…I’m pretty sure I figured out this picture thing…here goes…lol

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      They are very rare. They were made very good and have a long sustaining ring like brass. You got a good one. I have a No 1

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      Hello deelee
      If you go back to the opening page, Bell Talk Forums, and use the search box for JL Haven it initially shows some small bell information (dont know why) but if you scroll through these there are some anecdotes regading JL Haven bells. A good source of information is Neil Goeppinger’s book Large Bells of America.
      I realize this does not give you an answer to what its worth but that is not an easy question to answer anyway.
      May I suggest that you keep the bell and consider joining ABA then perhaps come along to our convention where you would meet other bell people and get lots of information 🙂

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