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      Larry in Maryland writes:

      I have a old farmbell that was my grandparents. It has a #12 on the center of the yoke, and that’s the only marking it has . Do you have any idea who made it and when?

      This bell is made of cast iron it is 9″ tall and 16″ in dia. it was beside my grandfathers house in Upper Marlboro Md. the house is on a tobacco farm that my grandfather and his brothers were tenants until 1920 when they all purchased parts of this plantation that was known as the Charles Branch Plantation. The house that my Grandparents lived in was built in 1901 but I understand that there was a cabin there before. My dad was born in this house in 1914. As you can see the cradle is home made it was that way since I can remember. The bell stood on a creosoted post until my dad took it down I would say in the early 70’s , the clapper had rusted off, he put it in the tobacco barn , the tobacco barn fell down about ten years ago, recently I found it under the rubble wire brushed it down painted it, purchased a clapper from Prindle bells ( #2 ) and put it beside our house. Years ago I didn’t care about these things but as I age they become more important. Thank you so much for whatever info you can provide. Larry

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      Larry: You have an untrademarked, size number 2 (16″) CS Bell Co bell made in Hillsboro, Ohio, probably in the 1910’s or 20’s. What appears to be a 1 is a casting flaw. This foundry cast bells for 60 years and there’s a lot of info on the internet as well as the “search” link at this site. As you stated, the cradle is a replacement.

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      Thanks, I looked at the #2 bell,but I am sure that it is a 12 on this bell that is no casting flaw, if it was a 2 it would be dead center of the yoke, thanks again.

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      My opinion: Although the style bears considerable resemblance to the work of C.S.Bell, there are a number of subtle differences which lead me to believe that it actually was made by someone else. The shoulder is smoothly rounded, with no mold seam; the yoke doesn’t fit as closely to the bell; and the lip of the bell is more widely flared. I agree that the “12” is not a casting flaw; but it does seem an odd designation for a 16 inch bell.

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