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      Hello, I am new to your Bell Talk. I have a very large bell it is 33″ in dia. made of bronze. It sounds great. Can it be damaged by ringing it? I was told that it came off of a steam ship on the Ohio river. It was in a marina when I purchased it many years ago. It was made my Fulton foundry in 1902 per the marking on the bell. I also would be interested in knowing if it has any value. I have it mounted on a trailer and was wondering how I can find out the name of the ship it was on? Any Ideas would greatly be appreciated.

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      A Fulton Bell of any size is a rarety and has considerable value to collectors. This particular bell at 33″ diameter would be too large for a riverboat and probably served as a School or Church Bell. Some Fulton Bells of that size were used as Firehouse Bells also. Often the bell had the name of the church or school on the opposite side of the body of the bell as the Fulton name.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Hope you will upload a photo. Would like to see what must be a beautiful bell. Ringing it won’t hurt. Bells are one of the few manufactured items that last for centuries.

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