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      Terrance in Illinois has written:

      We discovered an old #4 bell stamped with Lakeside Foundry, Chicago, with, I believe, the date 1886. It is approxiately 17″ base and has a wooden stand that it set in. We have found a couple of bells like ours on the internet with a price range of $2,400.00 to $400[0].00 range. We need the information as everyone tells us the bell is a brand x bell and is not a true bell.

      If you can help, please post a response.

      This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. Responses are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.

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      I have also found a bell like this “Lakeside Foundry, Chicago, Illinois 1886 #4” and was wondering if anyone new any information or value.


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      Do you have a picture? Is the bell cast steel (magnet test), or is it bronze? A steel bell of this size would not sell for more than $200-$300, even from a relatively unknown foundry.
      Harry Long, MD

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