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      One of the more common bells I have seen around is the “Kentish Maid” bell.
      It’s often mis-identified as a Dutch Girl bell (people are thrown off by the collar, I guess), and once I saw it advertised as a New England Lady bell.

      All the research and books from experts that I have seen, universally call it the Kentish Maid though.

      What is a bit unusual about this bell, is that it’s a form of Kentish Maid that I have never seen or come across before. I am presenting it here in case someone out there might be able to share some background knowledge about it that I haven’t found yet.

      It’s the standard body form, but it’s used as a HANDLE to the bell, rather than the bell itself!!!!

      3 1/2 inches in diameter, it sits 4 1/2 inches high. Quite heavy cast brass with an unfinished inside and replacement (probably in mid 1900’s) lead clapper.

      Any body?


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