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      Charles in California asks us:

      Hello Carolyn: Would you please ask our members if anyone has info on The Jos. M. Loffeler Bell Co.? Location is Phila. USA. Date of this bronze ship bell is 1965 or so. The foundry name is stamped @ the top of this bell. Wt about 21 lbs. Thank you very much. Best/Wishes Charles….

      If you can help, please post a response.

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      Hi, I am assuming they are the Loeffler Corporation located in Penndel Pa. they claim to have been making and selling ship bells to the U.S. Navy and Coat Guard since 1926 by one record and 1939 in another don’t know, the web address is loefflercorp.com hope this helps their web site lists all the bells and their specs.

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      From Charles in California:

      Thank you for posting the info on the Jos. M Loffeler Bell Co. Would you please publicly thank jabba69 in Bell Talk for me. I have been looking for this info & bingo here it is. That is what makes americanbell.org such a great forum. We all try to help one another!!!!!!! (Smile)!!!!! Best/Wishes Charles…

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