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      Carolyn Whitlock


      I am in the possession a bell that the above named person was involved in making, along with George Hedderly.

      Please see the link provided: http://www.georgedawson.homestead.com

      From this website you can see that there were 4 bells made. The one that we have here in the UK is the one that was placed in Dyrham Park, the Garden House, Gloucestershire. My wife’s grandfather was the owner of this building at some point in the past.

      The other three bells are apparently at:

      1) The Museum Of the City of New York.
      2) At the Reformed Church, New Platz, New York.
      3) In private ownership.

      But you can read all this from the link provided.

      How we think the bell was brought to England.
      We think that the owner of Dyrham park was a member of the British Armed Forces (Named Blathwayt) and for some reason brought it back. We wonder why? At the time we, in the UK, had the Whitechapel bell foundry and other companies that would of been easier to obtain a bell. Could it be a spoil of war?

      In American history, March 27th 1794, the United States government authorised the building of the first 6 of the United States navel vessels, was this bell intended for one of the ships? Or was it cast for a merchant ship?

      As you can see we have a lot of unanswered questions and a real interest in the origins of our bell. If you could please shed light on this or put us on to somebody state side as we are really keen on getting to the bottom of this most interesting piece of American history.

      Thank you for your time and efforts


      The dimensions are as follows:

      Height: 15 inches
      Diameter: 14 inches

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