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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Dan in New York asks the ABA:

      I have been searching the web for information for what I call Japanese Hanging Bells. They are, basically, thin singing bowls hung, graduated, upside-down on a string (usually 5 or 6). Do you know of any other names for these instruments?

      I understand how different bells can have multiple names. I keep finding new (to me) names for the Rin/Kin/Buddhist Temple Bell/etc. But, I’m disappointed that these hanging bells, which can be so beautiful physically and aurally, seem to be being left “in the dust”, so-to-speak. Even the unpainted bells usually have some sort of pattern in the metal. And some have “external” designs that might be ceramic, for all I know. Yet, they lack a commonly used name.

      The problem I have with the phrase Japanese Bowl Gongs is that these don’t seem to me to be in the same category with Kin and Singing Bowls. Even the phrase I’ve known them by, Japanese Hanging Bells, would group them with the huge, individual hanging Temple Bells of Japanese religious institutions. I don’t see then sharing that category either. Oh well. I will include photos of some of my own hanging bells.

      Maybe Hanging Japanese Bowl Gongs?

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