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      I recently purchased this “J. Shaw” “Bradford” bell at an estate sale. It is a little less than 8″ in diameter and has a very nice embossed leather handle. It also has an “A” on the handle. I think that it is bronze?

      I know nothing at all about bells and would just like to know where and when it is from, what it is for and if it is valuable or not.

      Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Rebecca

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      You have purchased a musical handbell.

      For more information on the manufacturer, see:

      For more information on handbells in general, see:

      The leather handle and handguard appear dry and should be oiled,
      but other readers may more properly give advice on this than I,
      as this is well out of my general area.

      If possible, you might also post a well-illuminated picture of the interior.
      There should be some kind of stop on each side so that the clapper will
      rebound slightly after striking the bell so as to not damp the vibrations.
      Different manufacturers used different methods.

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      Just seen this, it was made by my GG Grandfather James Shaw in Bradford
      Do you still have it?

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