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      The bell is 4 1/2″ tall 3 1/2 ” at the widest point on the bottom. The shape of the bell is a morning glory. The top is formed like a leaf and is in a matt green finish. The body of the bell is six concaved sides and glazed in soft pastels from pink, blue yellow and green. The inside of the bell is white. The clapper is hung with string. There is only one marking on the bell #333 (alt+p) The photo is located at the address given. I have never posted to a board and not sure I did the image correct. Here is the address if anyone is interested in looking http://home.comcast.net/~joerich155/bell/fulper-stangle.jpg. Thanks for any information you can forward my way on this bell. I purchased it in 1999 and was told it was a Fulper Bell. I have been searching for quite a long time and have never found this bell in any Fulper or Stangl books.[/url]

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      I’m pretty sure it’s a Fulper bell. I’ll forward the picture to someone more knowledgeable about porcelain bells than I am.


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      Thanks for the help! Any information will be helpful.

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      I’m pretty sure it’s Fulper also. I’ve seen a couple of them in other colors, lavender and orange.

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      I have a similiar bell and it is marked Fulper

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