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      Hi, my name is Melody & I am a new here. I have what I think might be a bell? The legs head & body are 3 pieces held together with small pins. It is marked on the back bottom of body L SCH 5 E

      Bottom of feet SCH 5 E

      Back of head E……..hope someone can help me with this little guy

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      Hi, Melody! Welcome to “Bell Talk” I just want to let you know that the annual convention of the American Bell Association began today in St. Louis and many of our members are attending so you may find the response time to your question to be delayed a little. Please check in over the next three weeks or so to see if there are any new postings.

      It would be helpful to us if you could post a picture of the underside (inside the skirt) of the bell.

      Thanks and good luck!

      Admin (Carolyn)

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      Thank you for the info. I’m in Washington DC right now, going home to Texas on Monday. I will get more pictures then & post them. Again I want to thank you for your time & information. Regards, Melody

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      Hi Melody,
      You have what is called a “nodder.” Many bell collectors also collect them as what they term “bell related items.” You can find many books about nodders or look up nodders on eBay to see other examples. I think yours is what they call a no no nodder as it nods from side to side. Yours looks like a Monk and is very cute! Alan Anthony

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      Thanks Allan for the info.

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