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      Hello all,

      I was searching on the internet for information about bells and came across this forum.
      My compliments! Nice forum with a lot of information but unfortunately i couldnt find the answer i was looking for.
      I hope one of you can help me.

      I come from the Netherlands and we are searching a lot with the metal detector. Most things we find we can determine but the objects on the picture we cannot.
      Some think these things are clappers from (hand/table) bells, but most say it cannot be because of the “square angles”.
      The material is copper and the length around 7 cm

      I really hope you can help to solve this puzzle.
      Thanks in advance!

      Best regards!

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      a photo of the ends (end on) might help, but I think you have some handles for some small industrial valves. They look like they fit into a hole and are then to be riveted over to complete the attachment. Some of the old steam driven equipment had copper fittings for that use, although brass was preferred for it’s longer life.

      If they were longer, I’d suggest copper pan handles but at 7cm that’s a bit small for that use.

      I’ll be interested to see if anyone else suggests another use for them, but I doubt they are clappers for the reasons you describe.


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      The size and shape of these suggest that they may have been used as “shear” pins or “Cotter Pins”. Another possibility would be as a hardware part for some military weapon given the number that you have found, their small size and copper construction.
      Harry Long, MD

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