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      Lee from Maryland asks:

      I found a large cast iron bell that I thinking about buying. It has a yoke shaped like a semi circle, a rope handle shaped like a scythe, and measures 23 inches at the bottom. There are no markings on the bell at all. It also has clapper springs. I found a photo on line of a Blymer bell and it is identical. The shop is asking $530 and it is sitting on a homemade stand. Is this a Blymer and is it worth it? Thank you for your help.

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      “is this a Blymeyer…” you describe it as “identical”,and you have the advantage of visual comparison, while we have only your description. A photo is a must for any analysis.
      “… and is it worth it”? Yes. Certainly to the seller it is. Is it worth that to you? If you are looking for an investment, you’re looking at meager margins at best. If you are buying from the heart and not the head, only you can answer that question. In the general cast steel bell market, the price can be considered within the average range for an incomplete 23″ set.
      I’ve paid more for larger bell, and still it returns it’s value everyday in enjoyment. Hope yours provides the same returns!

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