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    Was the iron bells like Cs and Goulds, tuned? I noticed they have a distinct sound that seems like they were tuned especially the churxh bells. Anyone in the know, could you tell me? Its seems like they have a distinct musical sound I am aware of bronze tuned bells.

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    Hello Nightflier51,

    We have had many steel bells from many different manufacturers come through our shop and I have never seen any evidence of tuning. My theory is that because there were no steel bell manufacturers that ever created a musical instrument (besides Naylor-Vickers) there was never a need to actually tune them.

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    Some of them seem so pretty especiall from no 30 on up.Was that tone considence? I have hear no 30 and 36 and other by same size and they sound almost identical. Its almost Mr Bell somehow made them sound that way Even Rumsey and Goulds sound good and most are kind of lonely or meloncholy soundsing but beautiful..

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