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      Ok, I know I have seen this style before but haven’t re-found it as of yet.
      Anyone out there recognize it?

      Vital Stats:
      Iron Construction with a silver and brass wash (mostly come off now) [holds a magnet]
      6 inches high
      Bell is 2 1/4 inches of that.
      3 inch diameter skirt.
      3 clapper staple with one original clapper present, one replacement (old) metal space for a clapper and one totally missing.

      It’s pretty badly worn, and does not show well on the photos but there appears to have been an applied silver wash over the brass wash with
      some sort of pattern. I can make out a 1/4″ band running around the skirt about 1/2″ up from the rim. I can also ‘sort of’ make out some patterns
      on the bell – but that might also be imagination. Inside the only marking I can find is either a number 8 or a stylized 3 (I think it’s an 8 ).

      Any ideas?

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