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      Hi all,

      Rodney here from Maryland. I don’t collect bells, but have found a few now so I thought I’d join here to learn more about what I’m finding. My main hobby is metal detecting and finding relics of long ago. While out yesterday at an old home site, I found this bell pictured below. It was about 4″ deep near a wooded area where the house used to be. The only thing I did to it was rinse it in hot water and lightly scrub it with a toothbrush. I can’t see any markings like numbers or letters on it, even under magnification.

      I was hoping to get an approximate date range so I can catalog/label it before donating it to my local historical society who has a museum. I have donated many items in the past, and think they would enjoy having this bell also since it appears intact and seems to be in fine working order.

      I provided links to the photos as I got a message that they were too big to post in the message body. I still got the size message after resizing them per instructions.

      Thank you for any help that can be provided!





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      Hi Rodney & welcome to the Bell Talk Forum!

      What you have found is called a “crotal” bell. This particular crotal is a “Petal” SLEIGH BELL and a wonderful article can be found at: http://classicbells.com/info/Petal.htm

      also be sure to read their many other articles on sleigh bells : http://classicbells.com/info/Info.htm

      Finally, if you type “crotal” ; “sleigh” ; “Barton” ; or even “petal” in the search box at the upper right corner of any “Bell Talk” page it will take you to many other threads on the subject.

      Enjoy learning about your bell find!


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      Excellent! Thank you so much. There’s a lot of info at those links, and also right here.

      Thanks again!


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