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      In the course of searching for bells for my own collection, I discovered a seller who is disposing of a collection of more than 4000 bells (I believe mostly porcelain and crystal), one at a time. Are there any members who would be interested in starting a permanent bell museum and considering the purchase of these bells to help form the museum? I have had the idea of a national bell museum in mind for quite a while, but my own collection is not nearly large enough, although each one is fairly unique and has an interesting history. I once worked in a museum as part of the staff, so I have some know-how about this. Anyone interested in discussing or pursuing this possibility? Love to read your feedback.

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      An interesting thought, perhaps one that all of us bell collectors have considered over time. Initial cost of the 4000 bells brings other questions to mind, such as: building to house them, location for best attraction, fee or not, maintenance, growth, charity status for donations and if so in support of what?, how to advertise to generate interest to draw visitors, investors for startup. Not trying to be negative, just being practical. Good luck on your endeavor.

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      Although a museum is a great idea, the logistics of starting a museum are daunting. I’ve served as trustee of a local historical museum and in addition to a LOT of money, the staffing, physical maintenance, curation and advertising are daunting tasks in today’s world. You really would need a deep pockets benefactor that would be there year over year to assist in funding.

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