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      Willie B. Herd

      FYI: Check out Brosamersbells.com….great website, has audio ‘windows’ so U can hear some of the bells ring.
      Also, he buys and sells, but doesn’t do research…and charges $95 for an appraisal!

      Verdinbells.com is also a great site, Company has long history, and was shown on the program, “Modern Marvels” on the History Channel. 8)

      Also, railroadiana.org for Locomotive Bells, Lanterns, Etc. 💡

      AND bellsandbirmans.com Mostly Locomotive, he also buy and sells…and has access to yokes, cradles, etc.

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      for German quality bells visit http://www.glocke.com
      it’s one of the traditional bell foundries where a bell is crafted (not with an aluminum shape like seen on Discovery How it’s made)

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      Willie B. Herd

      What is an aluminum shape?

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      What they meant about aluminum shape was they had an aluminum pattern that is put in 2 sand molds for the inside shape and one for the outside and foundry sand is packed on the pattern and raised away and the pattern removed which left a void shape the same as the aluminum bell pattern and they pour molten bronze in the sand mold. Its much easier that way. The old way is to build up a brick core and use a guage that was shaped like the bell and turn it over fresh packed clay and heat it in an oven to dry. The same is done to the cope which is the cover mold to form the bells outside shape.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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