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      Geer in Miami, FL, writes:

      I recently received a bell in partial payment for some work I did for a friend. I posted some questions regarding it back in June ’09 in the big bell forum. I learned a lot. It was fun, but I forgot about it for awhile.

      Recently though I came across a posting in the big bell forum that has me feeling a little weird. It concerns the Stapleton bell. There were some rough #’s thrown around, and museum worth talk about it. Mine is dated 1727, is larger, in better condition(as far as I can tell), and is more ornate.

      I am beginning to think I have something special and do not know what to do. I like the bell and envisioned it hanging in my yard one day, but I simply like old things. I am not a bell person. Plus, and I hate to admit it, $ is tight. Shoot, I even called scrap yards!!! What, $200?! Shame on me! Sorry for the rambling.

      A couple specific questions:

      1, May I send real pictures of the bell to members? I am by no means computer savvy and have failed a # of times at posting photos on the forum.

      2, Is it worth the $75 to get a pros appraisal?

      3, What if it is special? I am at a loss and do not want to make a mistake. I’ve at least wrestled it to the back yard and covered it. Any help would be appreciated.

      Sincerely, Geer

      I have asked Geer to send me some more info and pictures. I’ll post them when I receive them. If you can help, please post a response.

      This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. Responses are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.


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      Here are the pictures that have been sent by Geer:

      The bell is 22″ high and 24″ wide

      It’s rather hard to see but the vertical line beside the ring that holds the clapper is a lizard!

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      Thank you Carolyn for getting those pictures up. I’d like to mention a few more things about the bell. First, one of the pictures taken from the side shows either wear or a founding imperfection. The relief is non-existent. I suspect it is a founding imperfection because instead of being worn down it looks to be raised. Second, there is a divet, hole or something in what I’ll call the stem, the vertical structure surrounded by the four 2 shaped things. I do not know what it is. My brother-in-law says a bullet hole. Third, in my original post Dr. Long said the inscription may be Spanish. Since then other’s have said Portuguese because of the spelling of GABERI. I don’t know. Fourth, the bell is approx. 22″ in height and 24″ wide. No clapper obviously ( but it does come with a lizard, sorry, he won’t leave). As far as provedence goes all I know is that that the woman who gave it to me said it was from the Bahamas.
      Thanks all for your future input and help,
      Geer Pyron

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      Geer has written to say that his is not a Stapleton bell. His reference to Stapleton was to compare the condition of his bell to a Stapleton bell he had seen on our website. He has asked me to change the subject of his inquiry. He also said that the value of the bell is not of high importance. What he really wants is information about the bell.

      Admin (Carolyn)

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