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      My Sheriffs Office recently recovered a stolen church bell. For court purposes I need as much info as possible. On one side it says Buckeye Bell Co. 1872, the other side says Vandusen & Tift, Cincinnati. It weighs 461 pounds and looks like it is bronze.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      From our Frequently Asked Questions page:

      What do you need to identify my bell?

      An inquiry regarding a bell should include as much of the following information as possible:

      Height of the bell
      Diameter of the bottom of the skirt
      Writing or engraving on the bell
      Material from which the bell was made
      History about the bell that you may have
      Photo of the outside of the bell
      Photo of the inside of the bell

      Are you looking for the value of this bell?
      What is the condition of the bell?
      Are the Buckeye and Vandusen & Tift names on the bell itself, on the bracket that holds the bell, or both?
      Have you done a search of the ABA website to see what you can find out about Buckeye bells and Vandusen & Tift bells?

      You say that for court purposes, you need as much info as possible. Without a picture of the bell (inside and outside) we can’t tell you much. If the Sheriff’s Office is trying to locate the previous owner, we can’t help you with that. If they’re trying to find the original owner, we can’t help you with that. If you’re looking for the value of the bell, there are professional appraisers listed online. The ABA does not appraise bells. Participants on this forum may offer an opinion of what the bell is worth.

      Another website that may provide you with some information is owned and maintained by one of our members. I suggest you make the time to see if you can find information there. It’s URL is http://TowerBells.org”

      If you decide you would like to post a picture of the stolen church bell on this website, please be sure to read the section on this website about how to resize photos should you get a message saying that your photo is too big. I believe you can find that information in the section on the forum titled “How To Use The ‘Bell Talk’ Forum.

      Wishing you luck with your search for information!


      P.S. This inquiry should have been posted in the forum titled “Big Bells” You may want to ask the Website Coordinator to move your message and responses to the correct forum (Big Bells). You will get more exposure to your inquiry there.

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