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      Hello! I recently found this sweet old brass (or possibly bronze) bell at a charity shop, and I’m interested in knowing more about it. It’s about 4″ tall to the top of the handle, and debossed with an angel on one side. The handle is riveted. I’d love to know how old it is and where it was made. Does any of this…um…ring a bell? (sorry. couldn’t resist.)

      Pics attached.

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      Hmmm. Since I haven’t gotten a response, I’m wondering if, perhaps, I posted this in the wrong section of the forum? If so, can someone steer me to the correct section?

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      What a nice looking little bell! (and never resist a good pun!)

      The bell appears to be Bronze, from it’s color, (in a copper/tin probably in a 80%/20% ratio as I see a blue oxidation on the inside indicating the copper component. If it was brass (copper/zinc) you would see a black oxidation from the zinc component. If you have a very strong magnet, you will probably get a stickiness of it to the bell from the tin component, thereby confirming that it’s bronze. Tin attracts magnets!

      I suspect you have a modified bell that was originally meant to go into something like the old shop keeper’s bell over the door. They were mounted on a spring so that the door would strike the bell and it would bounce around and ring – thereby alerting the shop keeper that someone was in the store.

      It looks like a small iron handle has been attached to it, likely to accept a strap as it’s flattened at the top. This means it’s likely been repurposed as a dog or goat bell- something along that line. Basically for something that you would want to strap a small bell to.

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