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      Hi. I am new to this forum and hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction. I am volunteer Firefighter in upstate NY. Our dept has decided to invest in restoring our bell and build a bell tower for it. It is a Bronze bell measuring 26″ in diameter at the bottom. It was made by Jones & Hitchcock Founders in Troy, NY and dated 1857. There is currently no clapper in the bell, just the clapper springs. I have surfed the web in search of one and even considered trying to make one (I work in a machine shop), but realized there might be more to it than I originally thought. If anyone can privide any information at all, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. Steve

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      Todd Lower of Lowerbells.com is very helpful and might be able to find a clapper for you….

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      Are you still looking for a clapper? I see this post is a bit old but thought I’d check.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I’ve used several of Todd Lower’s clappers and they work well. They are made so they can be cut off at the length you need. Be sure the ball of the clapper strikes the bell at the thickest part of the bell (called the sound bow) which is just a few inches above the lip of the opening of the bell. If it doesn’t, it won’t sound very good. — Neil

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