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      One of our Russian ABA members, Larissa, has asked me to post the following:

      In December 2009 – January 2010 in St.Petersburg’s Gallery of Modern Art there was an exhibition. Its name was Christmas Chimes. All bells exhibited there were handmade by professional artists from

      “Imperial Porcelain Manufacture” Joint-Stock company which is over 260 years old. This is their site in English:

      The technique was glaze, gilding and silvering. Each bell is a unique piece of art.
      Here you can see it. On the right you have letters of the Russian alphabet. They are the initials of the artists’ surnames. Clicking one letter you’ll see one or several names. Click on any name and enjoy the bells. You can click on a picture of each bell, too, to see it in a bigger size.

      My best wishes,

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      Joan Elliott

      Hello Larissa,

      Thank you for the links to the Christmas Chimes site. The bells are beautiful. I wish I could have visited the exhibition.


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