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      Big Bell forum fans have seen most of this, but here it is in one place.

      I had not thought about it much. I have been collecting naval stuff for a while, and had good luck buying and selling bells, and other naval goodies in an unrestored condition for many years. I love history and historic objects.

      A neighbor gave this forecastle bell to me. He found it cleaning out an old house for his boss. I looked it up and it is pre WWI. Very nice I thought and stored it with other items for sale.

      Then I saw those darn shows on restoration…. I found some people that would polish the bell for a reasonable price.

      The bells appear to be much more valuable restored. I was impressed.

      I am keeping an eye out and I find this

      I spend a couple of months gently removing the cast iron yoke and I send the bell off for polishing.

      So now I have these two finished at this point

      A third is on the way via FedEX. I will be doing the restoration on the third one myself.

      Inspired by a TV show…… Who knew?
      Before I was just buying and selling history. Now I am enjoying restoring those historic bells much more as restored pieces.
      It appears some bells fair well with restoration.

      UPDATE 2-2013 Reality set in. If you want a bell restored to museum quality – go to a professional. See the post “Now I bought this thing” in the Big Bell forum for a description of what is necessary to get the bells back to museum quality.

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