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      We purchased yesterday a 20″ cast iron schoolhouse bell that was found on a farm near Columbia, MO. The yoke was broken and repaired a long time ago by a competent blacksmith. The problem comes in that the heavy iron straps used to repair the yoke cover the majority of the manufacturer’s name. On the left, the name starts with “PE” and on the right, the location ends with “ND”. Any thoughts on who the manufacturer is?

      The bell has a beautiful and loud ring to it and we rang it a lot yesterday to celebrate Independence Day. It is a wonderful addition to our 1870 one room schoolhouse that is sits our property, which we hope to restore one day soon.

      The pictures are from the ad-posting, I can take better pictures if they are needed.

      Thanks in advance for any help.
      We are super excited to have such a wonderful piece of history.

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