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      I need serious help in identifying an old church bell (possibly made around 1855-1860s ????). The bell is 16″ and comes with yoke and all is functional. I have some attached pictures with the “MARKINGS” / model number(s). I am sure there must be another identifying mark or something that im missing which would tell me more. Also the church was located in a rural area near Moncton New Brunswick, Canada.

      The “upper yoke” model # 6-LC-63
      “lower yoke” model # 6-LC-186
      The 16″ church bell model # 3217

      I am truly grateful to anyone who may be able to shed ANY light on this bell as i have absolutely no experience with this stuff and only very limited information about bells on the internet. Also very glad I found this place because I have searched on this before and only found one other site.

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      Arthur: You have a locomotive bell. Sometimes when engines were scrapped these bells ended up in churches, public buildings or private ownership. It’s brass, early to mid 20th century, and will be beautiful polished with the steel frame and clapper painted gloss black. It’s a well-traveled bell which makes it more interesting than just being a church bell. Perhaps one of our contributors more knowledgeable of railroad items can identify the maker or railroad from the markings.

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      I agree with jackbell, this is a railroad bell. I cannot give any further information as these are quite similar from one railroad to another and without further information, it can only be identified as a railroad bell.
      Harry Long, MD

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