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      Hi Folks!

      I’m here to ask the experts about the original, intended function of this older Sarna bell, please.

      Marked in the mold, inside: “Bells of Sarna India 152 N” [this has brought up nothing relevent in a google search].

      It is nickel plated [over brass] with wear to the nickel plating as expected in a used piece.
      Clapper has a hole for a string or pull.

      Bell itself is 2″ tall and about 2-1/2″ diameter at bottom.
      The overall length is about 6-1/4″.
      The original nut is on the 2-1/4″ long attached bolt, on the base of the frame.

      Would this have been some sort of trolley bell?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Hope you become a regular visitor (or even a member)!

      I hope some others will kick in on this, as I am not as up on the carriage / horse bells as I would like.

      To answer your question: is it a trolly bell? I would say no – it is too small and light in construction to be that type of bell. I believe this style had two types of use: 1 you would find this mounted on a horse collar of some sort, to ring as the horse moves. These are often found in sets of 2 or 3 with fancy feathers etc. attached for use in parades. 2) I believe I have also seen this type of bell (in small photos only) mounted on small goat/dog type carts, both to ring as they moved and, I believe, as a method to signal the animal to stop and start by means of a small cord tied to the clapper. Very Pavlovian! I am uncertain as to if this was supposed to be an actual working bell or a mostly decorative ‘style of’ form though.

      Perhaps someone with more knowledge on it will add to it for us!


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      Hi Garry!

      Thanks so much!
      The bell does ring quite loudly – a very nice, clear tone.

      Great forum!
      I’ve been reading through several forum topics – there really is some wonderful info here.

      Many thanks,

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