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      I was going to use this bell as a gong target but the firearms enthusiast forum said it was worth something. I’m hoping someone here can help me understand its value and what it is. I thought it was an old locomotive bell. It doesn’t have a “pleasant” sound, just sounds like a train going slowly down the tracks.

      It says, “National Bell Foundary Cin. O.” So some foundary in Cincinnatti.

      Limited to 400 x 400 pixels????

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      Willie B. Herd

      It’s hard to tell from the small pic, try using photobucket to post better pics, I’m guessing it’s not a Locomotive bell.

      The bell’s measurements would be helpful. Also, most Locomotive bells are made of brass. (What is yours made of???) P.S. check for cracks in the bell. Good luck, Willie

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      It looks like a cs bell co no 4 which is cast iron alloy. I would,t shoot it because that may be its problem. if you used it for target bullet might’ve cracked it. These bells go for around 600.00 on ebay but if it cracked that dosent mean its not worth anything, it still has antique value.

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