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      I don’t know if anyone is interested in my bell making. I’ve been crafting bells out of old oxygen cylinders
      for over 20 years. These old cylinders make beautiful sounding bells and are unique.If you would like to
      view some of my bells click on
      Thank You ABA,
      From: Silvio Modena
      Half Moon Bay, California

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      I have heard those bells made from oxygen tanks. They make a beautiful sound. I have been casting aluminum farm bells in my back yard for years and through trial and error I have learned the sand casting method. I am experimenting on an alloy with cast aluminum to improve my bells tones. I can only cast when weather is warm so it will be spring before I can continue my works. Largest I cast so far is 16 inch diameter farm bell. I have found so far that zinc die cast metal alloyed with aluminum has improved the tones. My furnace is a round fire brick furnace not binded with concrete but 3 layers of rock and brick around the inner bricks. I use hard wood and a blower to increase the heat. It will melt aluminum rather quick. I have not tried bronze due to its expensiveness nor brass. If I did, it would have to be fired by coal which makes smoke that I do not like. Charcoal for this furnace would work but due to its size, it is too expensive. A small bag is well over 5 bucks and it would take several large bags. Your bells are very sought after im sure. Keep up the great works.

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