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      It is a 24″ Steel Alloy school bell. It was mounted on the school building in Stillwell Illinois from at least the 1880’s until the building was torn down (don’t know the year). I do know that a father and son who had both attended the school (the son from 1909-1917) purchased the bell for $18 had it shipped to California. Shipping was $18.10.

      I also know that the father and son celebrated “Bells Across the Nation Day” on Patriots Day 1962 by ringing their bell.

      Not out to sell it. I live in a southern Ca community of small housing lots. I considered putting it on the porch with a sign “Please don’t ring the door bell”. I considered building a pergola in back yard and mounting it in that but I back up to a park. It might be too tempting for passers by to jump the fence and ring the bell. The HOA may not like these ideas. It may also look kinda silly in the living room.

      Looking for ideas if anyone has any.

      It’s been taken care of. Wheel, stands, bell, clapper all there. Painted no rust.


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      I’ve looked for pictures of the school house. Have not found one yet. I did find a map from 1874 that indicates several plots of land owned by the family. It also had a note that indicated the approximate location of the 1st log school house which was built by 1837. Doesn’t add much to the story but it was interesting to me.

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      Personally, I like the idea of putting it on the front porch, but that might depend on how it looks there being so big. Other that that – a smaller ‘bell tower’ pergola in front of the house might be nice.

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      Thanks for the reply

      It may have to be porch adjacent. And I could build a little something to put it on.

      Was thinking about the issue with someone ringing it and causing a community conflict. I could zap it with the mig. Just a little spot weld that could be ground off. That would kinda spoil the fun but better than than in the living room.


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      I have a 15 inch brass train bell in my living room..A great conversation piece indeed….

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