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      Greetings and thanks in advance for your kind assistance. I am hoping to install a farm bell in a museum exhibit, but am stymied as to what kind of mounting it should have. It doesn’t appear to have had a yoke, but having zero knowledge of bells I certainly can’t say for sure. We’d like to have it on a pole as our local farmers often did, but it will be indoors. As you ca see in the image it has a hand wrought iron arm that we assume was for the rope. Unfortunately I think in order to mount it we may lose the arm, if we can even remove that old hardware.
      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Candace Perry Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center, Pennsburg, PA

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      Your bell looks like a train station bell. Do not destroy the crank. Thats a valuable part and would take away from its authenticity. Find away to have the bell keep its arm.

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