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      The ABA site uses the universal avatar hosting service at Gravatar.com. An avatar uploaded to Gravatar will appear in the forum automatically on every post and reply. To create a Gravatar avatar:

      To upload an avatar using Gravatar:

      1. Go to Gravatar.com

      2. Click the Create Your Own Gravatar button. You now be directed to a registration form, this will create you a wordpress.com account. If you already have a wordpress.com account, click the link above the form.

      3. After creating your account, You will redirected to the My Gravatars page to manage your gravatars for each email you add. If you haven’t added a Gravatar yet, you will see a message with a link to add a new Gravatar.

      4. After clicking the link to add a new avatar, you will sent to a screen to upload your new Gravatar image by either from your computer, an external url, and a webcam. After uploading a few images you can also upload a photo from your past uploads.

      5. After uploading your image you can now crop the photo then rate it, and now the image you uploaded should be your new gravatar to the email it is assigned.

      6. You can add a new image or an email address by hovering over your avatar to the right of your email address.

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