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      A Belgian sir who has lived for many years in California has offered me 2 bells and wants to know how much I wil pay for them.
      I haven’t got a clue so I need help from you guys and girls in America who love to collect bells.

      According to this man from Belgian. They are South American Aztek Bells.
      Who can help me to give him a offer?
      I have pictures from these bells but don’t know how to sent them,


      Gert Stemkens Vaals Netherlands

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      Bell #1

      Bell #2


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      The measurements of the Aztec bell are: 7 cm diameter at the bottem and the height is 16 cm.
      The second bell is 9 cm heigh and 5 cm diameter at the bottom.

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      Welcome Gert!

      Ahh, how much to pay…the eternal question!
      We aren’t really allowed to put a price on bells via this forum for a number of reasons, not the least of which that it’s hard to judge them without actually seeing them. A brass colored bell looks great on the screen but isn’t worth much when it’s just plated pewter, for example. Something you can’t find out unless you handle it! Also many of us are looking to add to our collections. It’s a bit of a conflict of interest to set prices! Basically it comes down to what are you willing to pay?

      Remember that by selling directly, he is not going through the hassle or expense of shipping or advertising it. Consider that in the offer. Also you look at the area you are in. The same bells differ in price depending on the market they are sold in. It’s the old supply and demand thing again.

      Then there’s the liability issue. Yep, people do try and sue if given unintentionally inaccurate information, even if they didn’t pay for it in the first place! Go figure!

      I suggest looking online at similar bells on the auction sites. Watch what they sell for, not what the asking price is.

      A couple points to help you:
      The first bell looks like the clapper and hanger were replaced (that reduces value). This two faced India bell is a fairly common bell to find on said auction sites. Should be easy to find. She strongly appears to be the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, by the way.

      The second looks more interesting to me. Again the clapper looks replaced, but there is some detail on the top of the beehive bell (inside) that I personally haven’t seen before. It looks to be a strengthening or something of the at ilk. That, and it’s thicker cast, tends to make me think it might be the older of the two. I don’t recognize it’s characterization off hand though.

      Hopefully someone else on the site might recognize it.

      Good luck with your purchase!
      They look like a pair of nice bells.

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      Thank you Garry,

      So they are no Aztec bells but from India you think?
      I saw that the clapper and hanger were replaced, but thanks for your many tips. It helps to make a offer.

      I found a kind of the Laksmi bell in an English wicca shop who sells stuff for witches I believe???

      But the Laksmi looks not as the figure at the first bell.
      Thank you again and till we meet again looking for bells.

      Gerti Stemkens

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      Bell # 1 is definitely Indian. It represents Lord Hanuman who was born a monkey and became a man due to his devotion to Rama. This is a relatively new bell (<20 years old). One face is that of a monkey and the other a face of a man. Older versions are heavy and ornately carved. Lakshmi has a female face and 4 arms. Bell # 2 is also probably Indian, but could be from West Africa. It is also modern and does not appear to have any particular history.
      Harry Long, MD

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