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      My photo will not upload. Text me and I can send a photo. 218-259-5216 It is quite large and on a pedestal.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      You sure know how to stimulate curiosity! Regretfully, I don’t know how to get pictures on my cell phone. Have you looked at the page regarding how to use the ‘Bell Talk’ Forum at <a href=”https://americanbell.org/aba-forum/topic/resize-photos/? The problem may be that your photo file is too big and needs to be resized. Or, it may be that you should download the picture to your computer and try to post it from there instead of your cell phone.

      Also, if you go to the ABA homepage and look at the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, you’ll see some guidelines telling what information we need in order to identify your bell. As it now stands, we have no idea what kind of a bell you have so we can’t help you. Sorry.

      Good luck!

      P.S. The ABA does not appraise bells. Forum members may give a personal opinion of what they think the bell is worth or what they paid for one like yours. My suggestion is to check on eBay for the type of bell you have and see if there are any like yours for sale. If so, follow (watch) that auction to see what is the asking price and selling price.

      P.P.S. The American Bell Association has been publishing newsletters/magazines called

        The Bell Tower

      with articles about all different kinds of bells since the early 1940s. AmericanBell.org has a list of titles in the Bell Resource Center () that are available free of charge to ABA members. They can be sorted by author, category, and/or date.

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