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    Thanks for your organization. I hope you can help me. I want to make ceramic “wind chime” bells (say 5″ diameter by 14″ tall) for my back yard. I”ve learned very little with web search. My questions include…1. What type of clay and clay thickness is best to create a “ringing” sound… more or less “grog”in the clay? 2. How should I hang the bell and attached the clapper? I’m currently thinking a “eye” bolt thru hole in the top of bell with a chain for hanging, attach to eye of bolt. Inside the bell, the threads of eye bolt pass thru a 2″diameter piece of wood and secured with a nut and washer. The clapper would hang from this wood. See sketch 3. Best shape/material for clapper? I’m currently thinking a round disk of hardwood suspended near the base of the bell. 4.Any books or articles that would me?

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