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      Michael asks:

      I am considering buying a 28″ bell and need to know if 44″ is enough space for this bell to swing. How far does a 28″ bell swing out? It looks similar to a CS Bell. It has a 27″ wheel and is in standard a frame cradle. Thanks for your help.

      Response #1

      Dear Mr. Bell, I arrived in Iowa a little earlier than I had thought due to better driving weather than predicted, so I measured my 30″ diameter iron bell today. Fortunately, I was able to do this without a ladder. When it is swung up to it’s maximum extension forward and backward, the lips of the bell require 36″ from front to rear, so it only swings 3″ forward and 3″ rearward from it’s at rest position. The A frame stands are 42 1/2″ from outside to outside. My 26″ diameter bell is 34 1/2″ from outside of the A frame stands to outside. I did not measure the distance the 26″ bell requires to swing as the 30″ is larger than the bell you are considering and it swings in an area considerable smaller than what you require.

      Response #2

      Dear Mr. Bell, The vertical distance from the lip of the bell to the round truncheon on the end of the yoke on which the bell rotates determines how far out the lip moves when the bell is rung. Since that distance can be varied on any given bell /yoke, measuring one bell / yoke combination will not give the same measurements of all other bells of that diameter, but only a guide. If that distance is increased, the bell will be harder to swing, but that can be offset by attaching a larger rope wheel to give more leverage. Different bell foundries made differently shaped yokes. If they move the truncheon too low (near the balance point of the bell) the bell will go clear around 360 degrees when the rope is pulled and won’t ring.


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