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      I have purchased a couple of bells from estate sales and I am not sure of their value. Is there anyway someone could guide me in the right direction? I have a small brass bell (about 3.5″ in diameter) foil sticker on the inside stating made in India. The bell is painted with a nativity scene. I also have a larger bell. Large Brass cow bell with a wide leather strap. The bell is about 9′ long and 8.5″ in diameter. Any information may help. Thanks

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      Welcome to ABA!
      It’s difficult to be absolutely certain from your descriptions on the bells for us to advise you.
      You might check e-bay with the search term ‘brass bell’ to see if you can spot similar ones, that should give you a starting point.

      Otherwise photos would be nice. There are a couple descriptions on how to put photos on to your posting. Otherwise the forum moderator will be quite happy to help you, if you send her the photos by e-mail.

      That said, it sounds like you have a couple newer bells. The India bell is likely from post 1960 as that’s about when the USA tariff act required the words “made in” to designate where the imported items were made. (I’d have to look up the exact date, sorry, getting old I guess.) India is a large exporter of brass items including bells, so it’s less likely to be scarce. It is a nice size though. Is it painted or is it enameled? is it signed? That makes a difference too.

      The cow bells are quite common and probably tin or iron (try a magnet to test for iron!). If it’s in good shape, I have seen people use them hung outside as door bells! Protect it from the weather and it should last a good long time.

      Poke around this site, you will find lots of interesting things about bells. Be careful though, they can be addictive! 😀


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