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      Cathy in Florida has sent us this picture and message:

      My mom and dad moved to a retirement home and I was the one who cleaned out their house. My mom was very fond of bells and one that intrigues me the most is a small (looks like a dinner bell?) brass bell with a black handle (that is slightly curved). It has the following on it:

      On one side of the handle it has stamped: Enders

      On the other side it has stamped: U.S. Patents 1791552 and 1791553 and below the numbers it says: Forn’N Pats. Pend.

      However, when I went online I found that the name Enders made razor blades and could not find anything about this bell. Could you give me some insight as to how I can go about finding out about this bell?

      If you can help, please post a response.
      Admin (Carolyn)

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      Cathy in Indiana writes:

      I, also, have a bell like the one that Cathy in FL showed on Dec 4th of the “Enders” bell and would like to know about it. I got the bell from a friend a couple of years ago. She said she couldn’t remember where she got it and knew nothing about it. I tried to find out something about the trademark ENDERS that is on one side of the bell handle and has Pats. #’s 1791.552 and 1791.553 on the other side of the handle. I thought maybe it was a give away souvenir or even a purchase from ENDERS Island in Connecticut (except they usually have a cross at the end of ENDERS). I tried to search the Patent office, but I evidently don’t know enough about patents to search correctly. Help!

      Cathy in Indiana

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      kind of funny…. I was searching for the patent number and came along this thread. However, I don’t have a bell but an old safety razor with this same handle, Enders and patent numbers. If there was only one, I’d say it was just a home made item, but now I’m thinking that it could be a promotional bell from the Enders Safety Razor company.


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