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      Jonathan in Maryland has contacted us to ask:

      Hi my name is Jonathan and live in Rock Hall Md. I have a small bronze foundry and would like to build a carillon. I have built four steam calliopes and have cast several bells in bronze. I have some lathes but do not consider myself a machinist. I am fully aware of the difficulty in tuning bells but want to give it a try. Do you know of anyone that could point me in the right direction? Thank you

      Type (chesbronz ) in to hear my calliope

      Admin note: You can listen to Jonathan’s calliope play Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag” and “The Entertainer” by clicking on this link:

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      The internet has a number of sites that deal with tuned bellsand American Scientist about 10 years ago had a detailed description of how the overtones are tuned into bells. Metal is removed from the interior of the bells at various levels to tune the overtones of the shoulder, waist, skirt and lip of the bell. Specific tuning techniques are considered trade secrets of carillon founders and I am certain that they would not share their trade secrets, but you should be able to get considerable detail from the internet.
      Harry Long, MD

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