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      Just a word about Holbrook bells: Major George Holbrook learned bell founding under the mentorship of Paul Revere and started casting bells on his own in Brookfield, MA between 1797-1816. In 1816 he moved his bell foundry to East Medway, MA. Major Holbrook was suceeded in the business successively by his son Col George Handel Holbrook, grandson Edwin Lafayette Holbrook, Esq., and greatgrandson Edwin Handel Holbrook. The design of his bells is similar to the design of Revere bells making them highly sought after by collectors. The foundry operated under the management of Holbrook family members until 1880 when it closed. You may wish to Google Holbrook Bell Foundry for more detail.
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      There’s a typo: Holbrook settled in Brookfield in 1797, not 1779.

      I have not yet found evidence of any Holbrook bell earlier than 1804. I suspect that Holbrook, like Revere and many other early American artisans, had a wide variety of activities. Bells would have been only one of those, and not the most reliable source of income.

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