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      My husband and I own a Schoolhouse building in Manville, RI. The schoolhouse is now an apartment building. After some recent renovations we found that there’s a Holbrook bell, 36 inches in diameter, cast in 1879 in East Medway, MA in the tower. The bell is intact, we see no cracks. It is on two wheels. We can’t tell what metal the bell is made of but it has a bluish green tint.

      Could you help us to determine more specifics on the bell and it’s potential value?

      Beverly Cesaroni

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      If you haven’t already done so, you may find some answers to your questions by doing a search on this website for “Holbrook Bells”.

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      Your bell is bronze. You can also Google Holbrook bell. There are several links. Enter “bronze church bell” at eBay (the best source for determining value) and watch auctions for actual selling prices, not asking or starting prices. Holbrooks are rather scarce and a collector might pay considerably more.

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