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      The bell is a pre WWI USN brass bell. The yoke and wheel…. I have no idea.
      If you notice the yoke has been welded at least once. It appears the yoke and the original bell broke.
      The yoke was welded at some point. The bell was replaced at some point.

      The former owner was approaching 90 and could provide little information on where he obtained the bell. I do know that once he “collected” the bell it sat on a shelf for many years.

      What happened about a hundred years ago? Why did the yoke break? Why did they need another bell? Why was a pre WWI brass naval bell available?

      I don’t believe we get to know these details, but I do wonder.

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      The yoke and wheel were canibalized from another bell and wedded to this Navy Foredeck bell. The yoke appears similar to those used by Coffin and other founders of the late 1800s. I would get a good bronze cantilevered mounting from your friend and restore it to its rightful appearance.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Harry, I hear you talking!
      I am going to get this pressed out of the iron frame.
      Heating and cooling has not worked so far. We know I would never want to get brass to 700 degrees f. It tends to go liquid, or at least change shape. I want none of that.

      Next I try the professionals. I am looking for a machine shop in San Diego that can press these parts apart without damaging the bell. I do not consider the yoke and wheel valuable. It would be nice to recover them, but the bell was always my priority.

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      Have you thought about hack sawing off the yoke in 2 pieces. The center portion will be left on the bell but you can have the new mount made large enough to fit over and conceal it. I don’t think that wheel was ever part of a bell mount. There doesn’t appear to be a rope hole in the groove. It was probably a pulley on a gasoline or steam engine or perhaps a barn pulley.

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      I believe you have the correct solution.
      I will use a cutting wheel and reduce the iron to about 1/8″ in two places.
      I hope to pop that piece out and free the bell to be polished.

      It is time to get this project off the back burner and get it moving again. It is a very nice bell and should be restored.
      It is also a good excuse to go buy a new tool. I have been looking at the new 4″ cut off saws…….

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      See the post in BIG BELLS named “OK Now I bought this thing” for an update.

      The bell and the yoke were seperated and the bell will go out for professional polishing next.

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