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      Carolyn Whitlock

      The Bell Tower
      Vol. 1, No. 1, November 15, 1940, College Park, Maryland

      The National Bell Collectors Club

      Dear fellow bell collectors:

      In the summer of 1939, inquiries were sent out to the few bell collectors that we knew. We asked for information on the names and addresses of other collectors and for an opinion concerning the formation of a club. Our list of collectors has expanded from 3 to 70 in the last twelve months.

      By May of the present year, plans were developed to the point of electing officers. Two ballots were sent out: The first presented a choice of voting for a full board of officers or for a club manager whose duties were to include all functions necessary to conduct the business of the society, and whose term of office would be one year. Nominations for all officers and for manager were accepted at this time. As a result of voting, it was decided to have a club manager. The second ballot called for a choice between the nominees for manager and resulted in the selection of Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Carter of College Park, Maryland, to act as joint managers for the year 1940-1941.

      Prior to this time, it was suggested that a mimeographed paper be published by the society. It was decided to have a two or three sheet paper appearing at approximately one month intervals. Club dues were to be $1.00 per year to cover the cost of the paper and its distribution.

      In preparing the present number, the managers have found that photographs can be included in the manner noted. However, contributors who wish to have their articles accompanied by photographs will be asked to send enough money (about 30 cents per illustration of approximately 2 x 2.5 inches) to cover the cost of photographic paper. No charge will be made for the time required to print or mount the pictures. In submitting illustrations, please send negatives. Those will be returned to the authors after use.

      Articles acceptable for publication will include anything of interest to bell collectors: poems about bells, original and otherwise, (if not original, always submit the authors name and address), articles concerning the history of bells, notes on their manufacture, notes on meetings between collectors, correspondence asking for information and any other pertinent material. A collectors exchange column will also be added if sufficient interest is noted.

      Of course the success of the club and paper depends upon the collective effort of its members and subscribers. It is, therefore, urgently requested that members contribute as much material as possible.
      – E.P.C.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      The Bell Tower – March 1948

      A letter from the St. Elmo Hotel, Chautauqua, N. Y., tells us they have received a few reservations for accommodations during the Bell Convention. The hotel has elevator service and is run on the American plan. The rates they quote us are as follows: (They have been raised slightly since given to us last year, but that is to be expected.)

      “Single room with running water – $4.75 to $5.75
      Single room with private bath – $6.25 to $9.00
      Double room with running water – $9.00 to $10.00
      Double Room with private bath – $10.50 to $13.25″

      “An extra person in the room is $4.00 per day.”

      Although this price is slightly above what was quoted in a previous issue of The Bell Tower, and given to us last year, the fact that 3 good meals a day are included means the prices are still below most.

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