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      Hi , I am looking for information on a bell . It is marked as The American Bell and Foundry Company of Northville, Michigan. No 30. The history we do know is that at some point it came from a church in Newfoundland or perhaps Nova Scotia. after a fire. It was given to the St Elizabeth United Church in Harrington Harbour Que. When that church burned down ( and never rebuilt) it was shipped off to the Community Church in Alymer Sound. Since that church closed (as did the community) it has been returned to the congregation in Harrington Harbour. It is our intention to place the bell on a stand at the site of the original church and hope to have a plaque outlining its history. any information would be appreciated. Bill

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      Sounds like you have a nearly complete history of the bell’s ownership already. Thirty indicates the approximate inches in diameter at the lip. The only other information we can give you is about the foundry. It operated from the late 1890’s until about 1924 when the market for tower bells was declining. The peak period of construction of churches, schools, and court houses in the US was 1880-1930. This might also be true in Canada. Enter “northville” in the search (above right). There are numerous posts. You can also Google “american bell foundry northville michigan”.

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